Mortars in World War II by John Norris

Mortars in World War II

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Mortars in World War II John Norris ebook
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ISBN: 9781473879201
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Crew, 2 Granatwerfer 36 (5 cm leGrW 36) was a light mortar used by Nazi Germany during World War II. Based on their experience in World War I, the British infantry sought some sort of artillery for close support. 5 cm leichter Granatwerfer 36: 50 mm light mortar. French 370 mm railway howitzer of World War I .. Modern rocket artillery was first employed during World War II, in the form of the on the Tiger I heavy tank chassis that was armed with a 380 mm rocket mortar. 37, 37mm Mortar Shovel · Soviet Union · World War II, 1.5. Loading2inchMortarBalkanFront.jpg. There are a total of (28) World War 2 Infantry Mortar Weapons (1939-1945) in the Military Factory. In many militaries light infantry units have a mortar section (three mortars)in every company. Pages in category "World War II infantry mortars of Germany". This is a list of air and land weapons used by Germany during World War II. Mortar, 60mm M2 - God bless the French - the French-inspired 60mm M2 served the American soldier from World War 2 to the Vietnam War. British troops loading a 2 inch trench mortar with attached periscope post, World War I. Barrel length, 46.5 cm (1 ft 6 in). The Brandt mle 27 mortar served various world powers (in some form or . 2 Inch Mortar · 3 Inch Mortar · Ordnance ML 4.2 inch Mortar · Northover projector - incendiary, used by Home Guard. Stokes mortar · Ordnance SBML 2-inch mortar · Ordnance ML 3 inch Mortar · Ordnance ML 4.2 inch Mortar. The following 5 pages are in this category, out of 5 total. 40, 1.57 inch MediumMortar · United Kingdom · World War I, 48.

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